(Tune: Ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech)

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Take a gruesome goose, and some jungle juice
And a pilot who thinks he's hot.
Take an eight man crew, That would rather shoot
And a medic who'd rather not.
Send another ship to them, a thousand miles at sea
For the Navy will have to rescue, The Second Emergency!
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Take a raunchy mess from O.C.S., an Officer more or less
A navigator, the prevaricator, who makes his choice by guess
When Tojo sees them coming, he'll throw up his hands and flee
For the Army's secret weapon, is the Second Emergency!

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If you're nervous in the service, and wishing you were home
Then come with us in the damndest bus
That ever crossed the foam.
When the navigator reckons, the course is ninety-three
You'll land in hell or heaven, with the Second Emergency!
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When we get our final briefing, and the orders read R.I.P.
With the engines revin', we'll fly to heaven
And ask for the golden key.
But neither Pete nor Satan, have room for such as we
Our ghosts will fly their PBY's, for the Second Emergency!

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Written by 2Lt John Baum & 2Lt Francis X. Foley


2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron -  All Rights Reserved