4th Air Force Patch       At Hamilton Field, California the 15 December 1943, the Second Emergency Rescue Squadron was activated per para. 1, General Order 1951, Headquarters, Fourth Air Force, dated 3 December 1943.
       The original cadre consisted of eleven (11) Officers and ten (10) enlisted men, who were assigned on the 22 December 1943. Major Russell L. Redman, A.S.N. 0-42156, assumed command of the organization and First Sergeant Edward (nmi) Selan, A.S.N. 19010137, the first sergeant's duties

         On the 23 December 1943, this organization was attached to the 46th A.B. CAS Detachment for rations only. From the 23 December 1943 to the 27 December 1943, its strength increased to seventeen (17) Officers and ten (10) enlisted men and on the 27 December, it was relieved from attached, for rations only, 46th A.B. CAS Detachment and attached to the 59th A.A.A. Brigade for rations only. A total of 3 Officers and 212 enlisted men were assigned to this organization on the 29 December 1943. On the 30 December 1943, Major Russell L. Redman, A.S.N. 0-42156, was relieved of command and in his stead Major Jim McCall, A.S.N. 0-424121, assumed command of the organization. This post was held by Major McCall until the 24 January 1944 at which time he was relieved and transferred. Upon the transfer of Major McCall, Major Russell L. Redman, A.S.N. 0-42156 resumed command of the organization.
      The Second Emergency Rescue Squadron was transferred from Hamilton Field, California to
Gulfport Field, Mississippi (per Squadron Order No. 371 Air Base Headquarters, Hamilton Field, California, dated 6 February 1944) on the 8 February 1944.
 The net increase in strength from the 29 December 1943 to the time of movement, 8 February 1944, was 15 Officers and 141 enlisted men. The net decrease in strength was 13 officers and 145 enlisted men establishing the Squadron strength at 22 officers and 210 enlisted men.
      The Squadron was entrain from the 8 February 1944 to the 12 February 1944, the date of arrival at Gulfport Field, Mississippi. Upon arrival the squadron was attached, for rations and quarters, to the Hq. & Hq. Detachment, 26th Technical School Group. The organization was assigned PBY's (OA-10) and proceeded to complete its flying schedule. On the 23 February 1944, Major Russell L. Redman was relieved of command and Major Dwight F. Lewis, A.S.N. 0-373823, was assigned and assumed command of the organization. On this one day, 23 February 1944, the net increase in strength was 27 Officers and 143 enlisted men and the net decrease was 10 officers and 107 enlisted men now establishing the Squadron strength at 40 Officers and 125 enlisted men. By the 29 February 1944 the Squadron gained 18 Officers and 20 enlisted men and the Squadron strength at the end of this period was, 58 Officers and 145 enlisted men.
(Squadron Order No. 81, dated 29 February 1944 assigned Officer duties and promoted selected enlisted personnel) During the month of March 1944, the net increase in strength was 6 Officers and 66 enlisted men (see the
 Gulfport Roster1) the net decrease 6 Officers and 9 enlisted men. The Squadron strength on the 31 March 1944 was 58 Officers and 202 enlisted men. The bulk of the flying schedule was completed during this month.
The organization was transferred, (per Special Order No. 911, HQ, Technical School and Basic Training Center, dated 31 March 1944) in whole, to Keesler Field, Mississippi on the 1 April 1944. This movement was accomplished by motor vehicle because of the short distance between fields. At Keesler Field, Mississippi, on the 9 April 1944, 1 Officer and 4 enlisted men were assigned and 1 enlisted man relieved and transferred thus filling the Table of Organization for this Squadron. The Table of Organization for this Squadron calls for 59 Officers and 205 enlisted men. On the 9 April 1944, training as prescribed by A.A.F. Standard 130-2 was completed.

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Text in gray is not official and is used to clarify or add additional information.

1 Official Squadron rosters, orders, or documents obtained from the microfilm - Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
APO numbers from "Numbered Army & Air Force Post Office Locations" - 7th Edition - by Russ Carter
3 From Individual Aircraft Record Cards - Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

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